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Dr Shamal has graduated from Mumbai and migrated to Pune pursing her passion for clinical practice. 15 years of extensive experience has sharpened her dental skills.
She has adept knowledge of crafting perfect dentures that helps patients enjoy their regular eating habits, not to mention the added confidence that they will experience. She also has proven expertise in handling patients requiring multiple tooth removal.

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Discover transformative dental procedures tailored to your needs, ensuring a radiant smile and optimal oral health.

Dental Implants

Regain confidence with seamless dental implants, restoring both function and aesthetics to your smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Transform your smile into a masterpiece with our personalized cosmetic dentistry solutions.

Root Canals

Relieve discomfort and preserve your natural smile with our expert root canal treatments.

Teeth Whitening

Illuminate your smile with professional teeth whitening, revealing a radiant, confident you.

Dental X-Rays

Gain insight into your oral health with precise dental X-rays, ensuring thorough diagnosis and treatment.

Braces & Aligners

Straighten your smile with discretion and comfort through our advanced braces and aligner options.

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