Happy Smiles at Tooth Clinic Pune

Patients Name :Jugal Lalwani
I got my tooth extracted at Tooth Clinic. The extraction was done by Dr. Sheetal Gaikwad at the Somwar Peth clinic. The entire procedure from consulting to post extraction follow-up was very professional, assuring and very comforting.
I must mention that Dr. Shamal is very good at giving anesthesia, in the sense that she is so good with the injection that you wont feel the needle prick your gums! For many, it is probably very scary to have a needle pierce your gums, but with Dr. Shamal, you wont even know when it is done!
My entire extraction procedure was painless. The only irritating part of any dental procedure is to keep your mouth wide open. But Dr. Shamal will keep talking to you to ensure you keep your mind distracted! This really helps in keeping you comfortable.
I would also like to mention about Dr. Sheetal Gaikwad who assisted in my tooth extraction. Both Dr. Shamal and Dr. Sheetal have delicate but extremely skillful hands! And both, know and do their job extremely well! Dr. Shamal and Dr. Sheetal are very knowledgeable and will definitely be able to answer all your dental queries.
Apart from an extraction i have done a tooth and gums clean-up and also consulted Dr. Shamal on many occasion and i have always been satisfied with the results.
Tooth Clinic (Dr. Shamal and Dr. Sheetal) are my only choice and also my most recommended choice for dental care.


Patients name: Monica

Me and my family members take our dental treatment from Dr shamal who is very understanding and helps us to be at ease during the treatments. We experience quality work therefore there are less trips to the clinic. Line of treatment suggested is best and affordable.

I strongly recommend her for any kind of dental care.



Patients name:  Aarti Pokale

I was initially apprehensive about getting tooth implant for my father as he is 72 years old, diabetic and with a history of stroke. As a medical professional myself, i tend to worry more about the side effects than a lay person would. But Dr Sheetal & Dr Shamal went out of their way to explain the entire procedure in great detail and reassure me about the safety and benefits of it. Even during the process both were constantly explaining each step to us and allaying our fears. Needless to say the implant was successful and baring a day of nasal watering and fever my father did not suffer any effects of the surgery. Considering his health status this was wonderful.  The tooth clinic had offers on the implant wherein the osstem implant was provided free of cost and so I had only prosthesis charges to bear. The sinus lift was done by a visiting doctor from Canada for free with hydrolic membrane lifter (that’s easy technique I was told). Dr Sheetal & Dr Shamal did a great job and also kept in touch for regular feedback about the patient post procedure. And even the cost was much less than I had expected 😀. All in all good work by both. Keep it up and many thanks.