How often do i need a dental check up?
Why do i need an x -ray?

Dental problems progress very slowly. Patients usually do not have pain in the initial stages.Most patients visit a dentist only when they have some complaints.A regular dental check up every 6 months can help identify problems in their early stage.Thus saving discomfort,time and money.
Our dentists may suggest dental x-rays as part of your treatment.This is a common procedure designed to aid in the diagnosis of tooth and jaw problems. X-rays help our dentists to see problems before they have a chance to develop and cause pain hence easier to treat at this stage. Oral diseases often aren’t visible to the naked eye, x-rays can be quite important for diagnosis cavities, gum disease, oral infection and certain tumors.

SYMPTOMS for a x ray and consultation

  • To diagnose problems with teeth, gums, and the jaw

Types of X Ray’s available at Tooth Clinic

The most common type of dental x-ray is the intra oral x-ray, which provides detail on your teeth and help your dentist find cavities and check the health of the roots and bone surrounding each tooth. Extra oral x-rays, which focus on the jaw and skull,may also be taken to search for impacted teeth and look for jaw development issues

Benefits of x ray and consultation  @ Tooth Clinic Pune

At TOOTH CLINIC Digital imaging are available, so that x-rays are sent straight to a computer and viewed on screen.