There are many reasons for severe toothache, most common being dental cavities. When the tooth is badly damaged and can not be saved, removing it is the only option.At times fractured teeth that can not be treated also need to be removed.



Are you suffering from severe tooth pain?
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Benefits of TOOTH REMOVAL  @ Tooth Clinic Pune.

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Should one get a root canal treatment done or just pull out the tooth?

Your teeth help you to break,bite and grind your food. Without them, you’re eating soft daal rice and khichadi for the rest of your life. If you pull a tooth out and don’t replace it , then the gum in that spot will no longer have support, or circulation, or protection to the bone and sinus cavity behind it. Teeth serve multiple functions; to chew, provide a guideline for the jaw placement, to protect the sinuses and bone structure of the jaw, and to exercise and provide blood circulation to the front half of the skull.

When you lose a tooth, the integrity of the structure is destroyed and you now have to make the tooth next to it, do the work of both teeth.The bone in the lost tooth space keeps on shrinking because its no longer functional. One tooth is not meant to do that much work for the rest of your life. You’ll eventually lose the other teeth on both sides of that empty space, whether it’s now, or 30 years from now.Not just that the teeth from the opposite jaw come out of the bone.

Here’s the rule of thumb: If a tooth CAN be saved, then it SHOULD be saved. With the exception of the wisdom teeth; and even with those – if they’re not causing any trouble or present a risk to the alignment of the jaw, then they should stay right where they are.