Root-Canal-Treatment-Children ROOT CANAL IN CHILDREN

Saving a baby tooth may be just as important as saving a fully developed adult tooth.The untimely loss of baby teeth can interfere with chewing, speech development and most importantly the alignment of newly developing permanent teeth.
Here’s why: Each baby tooth holds the space open for the permanent tooth that will emerge behind it since all teeth do not fall out at the same time.After removing a baby tooth a gap is formed.The remaining teeth shift position and fill this gap.Thus the space needed for the eruption of permanent tooth is reduced affect their ultimate alignment.

SYMPTOMS for a root canal in children

Is your child getting boils in his mouth?

Benefits of root canal in children  @ Tooth Clinic Pune

We recommend that you get your kids for a regular check up every 6 months at least from the age of 6 yrs. Permanent teeth erupt from the age of 6 yrs till the age of 12 yrs.Wisdom tooth being the last to erupt anytime after 18 yrs.