multiple-tooth-extraction-tooth-clinic-puneMULTIPLE TEETH EXTRACTION

This is a process where multiple teeth are removed a one time. In case of fractured teeth or teeth which are infected by cavities need to be removed. Multiple teeth extraction is basically done for patients who need dentures.

SYMPTOMS for a multiple teeth extraction

Are several or all teeth in your mouth moving?
Have your teeth fallen on their own and are many more in a similar condition?
Do u experience pain when chewing food because your teeth move a lot?


Visit a dentist today as oral infection could lead to Rheumatic heart disease and Arthritis.
Do not go empty stomach to visit the dentist before extraction.
Avoid hot, hard ,spicy food  before and after tooth extraction.

Benefits of multiple teeth extraction  @ Tooth Clinic Pune

After a physicians consent our team of experienced dentist evaluate if a patient is fit to undergo multiple tooth extraction or extraction of  remaining teeth in one visit.
We offer immediate full denture to patients who do not want to look toothless even for a single day.These dentures are inserted immediately after teeth are removed.