Gum Care

After brushing, a very thin layer made up of saliva, proteins, and bacteria is formed on the tooth surface. Within a few hours various species of bacteria along with food accumulate in this layer and a yellow or white sticky substance known as dental plaque is formed. If this is left on the teeth, minerals from the saliva deposit and harden causing tartar. Both plaque and tartar cause gum disease. If these are left unchecked the teeth become loose due to bone lose caused by the bacteria.

Your gums and bone are like the foundation for your teeth. Gum surgeries are performed to remove bacteria seated deep in the gums. This improves overall healing of bone and gums, resulting in more stable and firm teeth.

SYMPTOMS for a Gum Care

Bleeding gums and bad breath?
Are your teeth moving?
Spaces increasing between your teeth?
Are your gums moving away from your teeth?

Benefits of Gum Care @ Tooth Clinic Pune

Our best dentists provides the best gum care in pune. We have restored the gum health of more than 200 patients using various gum surgeries in the past 15 years.

We provide various gum surgical procedures to increase the life of your teeth.
Thus we give lot of emphasis on regular scaling /cleaning to prevent gum diseases.

What are the Preventive measures for Gum Diseases?

Brush twice a day and visit our dentist at Tooth Clinic every 6 months for a routine scaling.

When does Gum Care Become Essential?

In the early stages of gum infection a routine scaling/ cleaning and polishing is adequate for restoring your gum health.

A gum surgery is very often needed in patients who have been suffering from gum problems for many months and have not undergone treatment for it in time.Gum surgery can often prolong the life of teeth that are week and mobile.

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