application-of-fluorides-tooth-clinic-Pune FLUORIDE TREATMENT

Just like vaccines help to prevent diseases, similarly fluorides and dental sealants are excellent methods to keep those cavities and oral problems under control and they are painless too.
Our teeth are made of what is called ‘hydroxyapatite’ crystals. When Fluoride is applied to the teeth it gets absorbed and the ‘hydroxyapatite’ gets converted to a ‘fluorapatite’ crysral. Fluorapatite is more resistant to acid attack by the bacteria.Fluoride not only protects the tooth but also remineralises the damaged structure.Plus it takes just 4 min to apply.


Can cavities be prevented in adults like in children?
Is there a painless and safe way to protect your teeth against dental caries?

Benefits of a fluoride treatment  @ Tooth Clinic Pune

We recommend fluoride treatment to prevent decay in both children and adults or anyone at risk of dental decay.By using FLUORIDE and tooth SEALANTS one can protect their teeth from getting cavities even BEFORE they start.ITS PAINLESS AND FAST.